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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a world renowned Vastu Consultant. Almost all the major cities of India are offering these Vaastu services in the last 40 years. Their main office is in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Along with Vastu Services, these Vastu’s Advanced Courses are also made. You can also make these courses online too. From time to time, their books are also being launched in the market. In the well-known newspapers and magazines, their articles are published. Impressed with their vastu services, many awards have been given to them with great respect.

Dr. Anand Bhardwajvastu consultant


(Not like other ordinary Traditional or Superstitious Vastu Shastri)


That’s why we told you that he is the senior most Vastu consultant with energetic mindset, smart, man of ideas, creative, active, dynamic, prompt, logical and true Vastu consultant. Below are his more qualities which instantly impress everyone…

He is Specialised in Residential & Commercial Vastu:

 Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (MA, MBA. Ph.D-Soci., Ph.d-Vastu, D.Sc Eq. D.Lit)

Certainly he is the highest qualified Vastu Adviser with 41 years experience in this noble field,

He is recipient of 132 awards, rewards & appreciation… Its really a big thing!!!!

Honoured with 24 medals…. This is unmatchable….

He is Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who has addressed almost 4,75000 Vastu queries till now

Appeared on numerous national TV Channels….

Has given more than 1000 TV shows,

Wrote Vastu articles in more than 120  news papers, Magazines & periodicals,

Currently on panel of almost 70 Big Builders, Industrialists, Corporate Groups & Colonisers,

He has inaugurated more than 500 seminars, symposiums, Vastu workshops & Art & Culture Fetes,

HE IS REALLY A VIP & Senior Vastu Celebrity.

What makes us special?

  • We are different…. we are ahead… we are reliable…. We are scientific…. We are technical…. we are accurate…. we are high-tech…. we are most advanced….
  • We undertake services of survey of each site… be residential, commercial, industrial, apartments, farm houses, official etc. that is done with the help of very highly technical sensors, scanners, meters (digital, analogue, sensorial), digital scanning, tele-vibes analysis, computerised imaging system…. Really extremely advanced… World class & most reliable

Vastu Consultant Services

vastu for plots

Vastu for plots (Vastu for land):

This includes: Checking of Telluric Vibrations, Earth Energy, Cosmic Energy of Plot, Feelers, Clairvoyant Check, Cosmic Energy Checking, Checking of Positive Vibes of Land, Ascertaining the Negative Vibrations in the Plot, Directional Study & Impacts, Instrumental Vastu Check and detection of various vibes causing comfort & agony to inmates.

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remedial vastu

Residential Vastu:

This includes: Directional Analysis, Checking of Vibrational Fields, Earth Vibes, Parallel Vibes (Hard Vibrations, Soft Vibrations, Intermittent Vibes) Magnetic Flux & Distortion, Intermittent Vibes Analysis, Eele-Vibes Fields, Magnetic Deviation, Stress Analysis, Macro Vastu, Micro analysis, Testing Invible Vibes & Paranormal Effects.

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commercial vastu

Commercial Vastu:

This includes: Analysing various tension related fields, vibrational analysis, high-tech readings causing positivity & negativity, Placement of articles, objects & manufacturing or sale related vibes, analysing the intermittent vibes, Stability factors for owner & mobility factors for sales & marketing team, Staff behavioral dynamics, Vastu analysis & summarisation.

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Remedial Vastu:

This includes: Checking all the positive energies inside the premises, negative vibes & their intensity, removal of negative factors, using petty remedies to cure, Vastu defects to be removed through home remedies, No tantra, no mantra, no superstition… & yes.. No expenses on doing the home Vastu remedies.

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Fengshui Consultancy:

This includes: Study of Feng Shui parameters, application of Feng Shui in the house, Applying Feng Shui in commercial sites, Feng shui objects. Placement as per Feng Shui, Feng shui for bedroom, Feng shui for kitchen area, Feng shui for washroom, Feng shui for stairs, Feng shui for love, Feng shui for harmony & Feng shui for health. Along with feng shui for wealth & their objects. Right positioning & placements of Feng shui artefacts etc. Fengshui for colours based on Ba-gua Fengshui parameters.

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Industrial Vastu

This is the truth that Vastu for Industries which also termed as Industrial Vastu is quite different from residential Vastu because Vastu for factories has to take care of various factors like Vastu for raw material, Vastu for finished goods, Vastu for factory gate 7 vastu for the CMD room or MD room.

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Vastu Consultant Contact Details

Contact Us

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a clairvoyant consultant who has a long experience & tru expertise on all the above arts & sciences. These may be occult sciences but they are very useful for the welfare of mankind. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj may be contacted on:-

Phone: (INDIA) 091-9811656700, +919811656700 or 0091-9811656700 (To Call from outside India) (The other number is 9999256700)

Email Address:

After fixing time, Come on skype. My SKYPE I.D. is Dr.anand.bhardwaj


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What others say about us


Excellent! You are really the best Vastu consultant. I am highly impressed of the Instrumental Vastu you used to check various vibrations. I never saw any Vastu consultant so far using so many high-tech sensors at my premise. I have become your true fan dear sir. My problems are getting solved gradually. Thanks for your valuable Vastu advice sir… Regards J.P.Monan, Kalamasseri Indl Area, Kochi, Kerala, ZIP -683109 (INDIA) +91-9400XXXX79

Rachel.G & S.Dutta

It was my first experience with Vastu & you doc… I thought Vastu is a religious work of India but got to know in details when I called you at my industry at Port Luis.Your Vastuu suggestions have done tremendous changes & helped solve my financial problem of factory. I send my gratitude dear SIR.. here. Thanks once again. Rachel.G & S.Dutta (partner), XXX Industry Plaine Lauzun Industrial Zone, Mauritius, +230-211-6xxx (ROM)

Rachel.G & S.Dutta
Maxi Milli

Truthfully speaking I never met you personally but I heard about you from many industrialists in Pune. They speak high about you. My desire to meet you for my office. I have huge losses in business. My friend C.J.Patil suggested me to get your consultation. He got benefit from your Vastu advice. He is sitting with me & appreciating. I will call you next month beginning. Thanks.

Maxi MilliCEO
Omi Bapat

Today I want to share my previous views about Vastu & Vastu Consultants before I met you. In my views it was sheer superstition & wastage of money as I called two Vastu advisers in 18 months prior to you sir.. but since you visited & guided me Vastu tips on 18 February last.. I am watching very minutely that the wear & tear of my Tac Power CNC Machine has gone to almost zero and production three times more than what I was getting. Your advice worked wonders. Thanks … thanks.. It is Wonderful. Omi Bapat, XXX/ 3, Fergusson College Road, Pune (Maharashtra)-411004, Call: 020-255xxxx -India

Omi Bapat
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