Dining Room Vastu Tips & Remedies by Vastu Consultant

Use soothing wall colours:

dining room Vastu Remedies

Eating tension free is very essential to enjoy foods. Vastu defines different colours and their contribution in vivid parts of everyday life. According to this age old Vaidic science, the light colours are appreciated the most. However, the orange, red and yellow are the best colours for dining area.

Most of the national & international food joint bear these hot colours on the walls, interiors & lights. However, blue are not appreciable for food area because blue indicates the poison like feeling. Perhaps this may be the cause that blue sweets are not visible at any of the sweet shop. Nature has also avoided producing blue fruits. Isn’t it? Dining vastu tips, top vastu consultant, best vastu tips, vastu remedies, Dining room vastu tips, vastu, top vastu expert, vastu consultant delhi


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