Onsite Vastu Advice is the Best:

‘SEEN’ may be relied easily. Really perfect way of getting the advice from an expert of Vastu Shastra wherein he can sense & scan all the vibes with the high-tech instruments & scanners. One may find thousands of typically self styled or self acclaimed Vastu consultants BUT getting the best Vastu Consultancy services from the best Vastu consultant depends upon your presence of mind… called the high estimation capability known as real wisdom.

What we do in Onsite Vastu Advice?

  1. AS soon as the meeting time is fixed with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the client has to give him complete address & phone numbers. On fixed date & time he reaches on time. He starts from checking the earth’s vibrations with the help of very advanced and high-tech earth sensor.
  2. If the earth’s vibrations are equal to or more than desired units, then the parallel vibes are checked with the help of five different digital and analogue meters and scanners. Few sensors are also used on site. They all are used to check five types of energy vibrations namely:
  3. Hard vibrations,
  4. Soft vibrations,
  5. magnetic deviations,
  6. Invisible vibes,
  7. Intermittent energy &
  8. Paranormal interference.
  9. After that the cosmic energy is checked if needed. This is called the computerised scanning system.

Please note that none of the above technologies has been introduced in India. These sensors, scanners & instruments are rare & imported from many different countries. Since they are very costly hence it is really practically very difficult for every Vastu consultant to buy such extremely costly instruments. Moreover the innocent clients are not so aware that they ask the Vastu consultant to produce scientific instruments and prove the authenticity of the details what he explains.

How to Call Dr. Anand Bhardwaj for Onsite Vastu Advice? Or How to fix appointment with Vastu Consultant. You may be looking for the meeting with your Vastu Consultant….

That is very easy… just contact through any mode like Vastu Consultant contact numbers, Vastu appointment on SMS text, Vastu contact on email or other convenient methods like:

There are various cities in India which are known as Industrial hub. For example Vastu consultants in Delhi are very famous for their research work BUT Vastu consultants in Gujarat are also performing well. Similarly Vastu consultants in Rajasthan work on topography in Vastu. Vastu consultants in Panipat are working on handloom industrial Vastu Very well. Vastu consultants in Mumbai or as old name Vastu consultants in Bombay still very fast in research on Vastu. Vastu consultants in Pune are since long working very nicely. Vastu consultants in Kolkata are perfectly working for industrial Vastu BUT as a senior vastu consultant in Delhi I have to visit all over the world as one of the top most Vastu consultants of the world. Vastu consultants in Sonipat or Sonepat have to cover a huge industrial area. Vastu consultants in Rudrapur are more concentrating on SIDKUL in Rudrapur city on Pant Nagar Road. One who works for Vastu for factory has to cover all the parameters. Vastu for industry is also almost the same term wherein a lot of factors should be seen by the Vastu consultants including Vastu for factory which is vast subject. Factory Vastu covers the necessities of installation of machines. In an industrial Vastu we have to check Vastu for office. Each best industrial Vastu consultant should work as industrial Vastu consultant. Industrial Vastu has to cover all the major & minor points & factors. Office Vastu is a part of Commercial Vastu. Vastu for new construction of Vastu for corporate offices is a technical subject in Vastu. Industrial Vastu Shastra has to see that every factor is covered in it.