Residential Vastu

Directional Analysis, Checking of Vibrational Fields, Earth Vibes, Parallel Vibes (Hard Vibrations, Soft Vibrations, Intermittent Vibes) Magnetic Flux & Distortion, Intermittent Vibes Analysis, Eele-Vibes Fields, Magnetic Deviation, Stress Analysis, Macro Vastu, Micro analysis, Testing Invible Vibes & Paranormal Effects.

Residential Vastu Services

  • Application of Vastu for Home
  • Structural Vastu
  • Applied Vastu for Residence or Vastu for House
  • Home Vastu & its Vastu veritable
  • Vastu Corrections
  • Static Vastu for Home
  • Vastu for independent floor
  • Vastu for all Facing house
  • Vastu Dynamics & Application
  • Vastu designs for home construction,
  • Vastu for Villa & Vastu for Duplex house
  • Flats Vastu (Vastu for flats)
  • Vastu guidance for Apartments